Prosumer's Discretion (detail)

Prosumer's Discretion (detail), 2011

Sam Lewitt

Inkjet print with Mylar cover                                    
Approximately H. 10 ¾ x W. 13 x D. 8 ½ inches (27.3 x 33 x 21.6 cm)
Edition of 25

$250 - To order, contact

The Prosumer’s Discretion (detail) consists of an empty dust jacket, wrapped in a mylar cover, and featuring a photograph of a mound of dead squid. The inner flaps of the jacket feature a short polemical text about the eponymous ‘productive consumer’ (or ‘professional consumer’). This text doubles as a URL line identified with Miguel Abreu Gallery’s domain name. Were one to enter this text into their web browser, they would find pages torn from a variety of printed media, featuring product advertisements as well as the artist’s own work, all soaked in squid ink and displayed within the gallery’s web template. This empty book, as an advertisement for digital content, traces the art-lover’s fall from the pages of catalogs to the screening systems that serve as an increasingly dominant site of reception for gallery exhibited artworks. 

Sam Lewitt, Total Immersion Environment