Slavoj Žižek - Love Without Mercy

Slavoj Žižek - Love Without Mercy

2 disc special edition DVD

TRT: 137 minutes
Produced and Directed by: Miguel Abreu
Director of Photography: Chrise Torella
Sound Recording: Procomm
Edited by: Miguel Abreu and Chris Torella

Special Features:
-Josefina Ayerza’s introductory paper for Lacanian Ink 21, issue on ‘Love’
-Miguel Abreu’s Forward
-Slavoj Žižek bibliography

A few days before the beginning of American led military operations in Iraq, Slavoj Žižek, the world renowned Slovenian philosopher, cultural critic and political theorist delivers an electrifying, more than two hour lecture in a hanger-like art gallery in New York packed with a 600+ overcapacity crowd. To the delight of a captivated audience, Žižek applies his dazzling and often hilarious thinking to topics ranging from the dialectics of the gaze in Hitchcock films all the way to the Kinder Surprise chocolate egg candy as a supreme metaphor for the functioning of the capitalist commodity. He also discusses at length, of course, the coming War and the dangers it poses for democracy and civil liberties in the West and touches upon the subjects of Belief and of Christianity in opposition to Paganism and as it relates to the notion of Truth. The 45 minute question and answer session closing the proceedings turns the event into a formidable town hall meeting during which people from all walks of life voice their concerns and exchange views with the ferociously prolific intellectual. All along philosophy is extracted from the Academic sphere and thrust into the City and into the streets, where it belongs.

One of the most amazing public spectacles in Manhattan for several years...
— Adrian Dannatt, The Art Newspaper

[Žižek] was so absorbed in giving a Lacanian interpretation of Hitchcock’s frequent resort to what he called “the perplexed gaze” that he seemed unaware of the arrival of a police car on the street outside, its flashing blue light flickering over dejected faces, a cop with a megaphone ordering everyone to move on.
— Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker

A startling critic of great daring, who doesn’t watch his back or observe the pieties as he swerves and swoops through the age of globalized images and fabricated realities.
— The Time Literary Supplement

Slavoj Žižek
Thoughts on Occupy Wall Street
St. Mark's Bookshop
October 26, 2011

Slavoj Žižek
The Political Parallax