Speculative Aesthetics

Speculative Aesthetics

Robin Mackay, Luke Pendrell, James Trafford (Eds.)

Published by Urbanomic 
October 2014
Paperback 148x210mm, 140pp.
ISBN 978-0-9575295-7-1



Documenting and expanding upon a ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION on the ramifications of Speculative Realism for aesthetics, this discussion ranges from contemporary art's relation to the aesthetic, to accelerationism and abstraction, logic and design.

From varied perspectives of philosophy, art and design, participants examine the new technological mediations between the human sensorium and the massive planetary media network within which it now exists, and consider how the aesthetic enables new modes of knowledge by processing sensory data through symbolic formalisms and technological devices.

Speculative Aesthetics anticipates the possibility of a theory and practice no longer invested in the otherworldly promise of the aesthetic, but acknowledging the real force and traction of images in the world today, experimentally employing techniques of modelling, formalisation, and presentation so as to simultaneously engineer new domains of experience and map them through a recon gured aesthetics that is indissociable from sociotechnical conditions.





Art and its 'Science'
BENEDICT SINGLETON -  Speculative Design
TOM TREVATT -  The Cosmic Address 

NICK SRNICEK -  Accelerationism - Epistemic, Economic, Political
JAMES TRAFFORD -  Towards a Speculative Rationalism
ALEX WILLIAMS -  The Politics of Abstraction
RAY BRASSIER -  Prometheanism and Real Abstraction

MARK FISHER -  Practical Eliminativism: Getting Out of the Face, Again
ROBIN MACKAY -  Neo-Thalassa: A Fantasia on a Fantasia
BEN WOODARD -  Uncomfortable Aesthetics

Notes on Contributors