The Ballad of Ion Lupescu: or 222 Minutes to Live

The Ballad of Ion Lupescu: or 222 Minutes to Live


Limited Edition DVD
Color, 50 minutes

Conception & Performance: Pieter Schoolwerth
Producers: Miguel Abreu & Pieter Schoolwerth
Camera, Direction & Editing: Miguel Abreu
Associate Producer: Sebastien De Ganay
Special appearance: Blake Rayne
Set construction: David Muller

In early 1993, three years after the fall of the Ceausescu regime, Ion Lupescu, the Rumanian track star and national hero, defected from his homeland to try his luck in the New World. He settled in Southern California where he has been training ever since and adjusting to a new way of life at the edge of the Mojave desert.

Following various, high-level diplomatic efforts to re-establish contact with the sprinter, a detective, an athlete himself and an ex-member of the Securitate forces has been sent to the region on a mission to find Lupescu and bring him home safely to Bucharest.

The detective’s only clue is a snapshot taken at the Pasadena Rose Bowl during the 1994 World Cup, in which the hero is seen mingling with a group of fans, standing behind the pierced flag of the Revolution…