The Final Eternal Return, Edition

The Final Eternal Return

Jimmy Raskin


One color offset, letterpress cover, saddle stitch
295 x 210 mm 
24pp., 2 illustrations
Organized by Flint Jamison at Yale Union
Printed by Gary Robbins at Container Corps
With diptych of color, archival inkjet prints
15.5 x 12.5 in (39.37 x 31.75 cm) 
Printed by Andre Ribuoli
Special edition of 10 + 4 APs, signed and numbered

Raskin imagines a pivotal moment when, rather than abiding by the cycles of The Eternal Return, the artist disappears. In The Eternal Return the subject moves from personal explorations, to the point of intuition, and returns to the planes of culture with an expressive contribution. In this experimental text, by contrast, the author points to what that impeccable moment of stillness could be: filled to the brim with inspiration, yet without the compulsion to act on it. Distance collapses. Stillness now exists within Duration. No more Desire. No Body. Here lies the final manifestation of The Eternal Return.

Raskin commissioned fellow artist Aaron Flint Jamison to make material choices for the book object and oversee its printing. This special edition includes a letterpress cover with The Last Eccentric’s wax stamp, along with a few curious iridescent strands, and two pristine, color prints related to the two diagrams that express the cycle of The Being of Becoming.