The Wierd Compilation LP+7"+book

The Wierd Compilation LP+7"+book

Wierd Records


Sequence Press is pleased to distribute the Wierd Records inaugural release The Wierd Compilation (VR001), featuring 32 tracks by 15 bands which have performed live at WIERD - Brooklyn’s premier weekly DJ and live music party showcasing artists and DJs working within the post-wave, coldwave, and minimal synth genres of alternative pop and dance music since 2003. The sound of this international collection of bands ranges from uptempo analog synthesizer based electronic dance music influenced by early minimal synth and industrial dance to post-wave guitar driven music suggesting the influence of the European Coldwave and classic British and American post-punk sounds. The Wierd Compilation is made up of 3 vinyl LPs and a 7” vinyl single packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, and is accompanied by a 26 page 12” x 12” glossy print book containing over 500 pictures of the bands, and live performances at the WIERD Party. The Wierd Compilation was Produced by WIERD Party founder, artist and DJ Pieter Schoolwerth, and engineered by Marco Corales at Bonus Room Studio in Atlanta. It was pressed in a hand-numbered edition of 1000 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Silent Signals - ‘Exit Out‘
2. Martial Canterel - ‘Never Wind‘  
3. Sleep Museum - ‘Butterfly‘
4. A Vague Disquiet - ‘The Lower Lifestyles‘  
5. Xeno and Oaklander - ‘Non-Senti‘  

1. Flesh Graey Display - ‘Under Attack‘
2. Tobias Bernstrup - ‘Surround‘
3. A Vague Disquiet - ‘Heatshock: Type 1‘
4. Staccato du Mal - ‘Departures‘
5. 2VM - ‘Let‘s Play‘
6. Echo West - ‘My Dream is Still There‘  

1. Blacklist - ‘Dawn of the Idols‘  
2. Column - ‘She‘
3. Staccato du Mal - ‘No Veo‘  
4. Fanuelle - ‘Here is a Life‘
5. Diako Diakoff - ‘Western Ego‘

1. Tobias Bernstrup - ‘Into the Abyss‘  
2. Three to Forgotten - ‘Azuli‘  
3. A Vague Disquiet - ‘Splitting Image: Breakdown‘
4. Opus Finis - ‘Havoc Heap‘  
5. Sleep Museum - ‘Porcelain‘  

1. Martial Canterel - ‘Arctic Invention‘
2. Epee du Bois - ‘Tracking Shot‘  
3. 2VM - ‘Unscathed‘
4. Diako Diakoff - ‘By the Lake‘

1. Three to Forgotten - ‘Ktano‘
2. Xeno and Oaklander - ‘Cold Forever‘
3. Opus Finis - ‘Scrying Formation‘
4. A Vague Disquiet - ‘Instrumental: 1-2-6-2‘
5. Blacklist - ‘Exit‘  

7" EP:
A. Epee du Bois - ‘An Image‘  
B. Flesh Graey Display - ‘Insurmountable Typification‘