Tishan Hsu: Paintings

Tishan Hsu: Paintings

MIT List Visual Arts Center
Designed by Judy Kohn
Text by Dana Friis-Hansen
Saddle stitch booklet, 215 x 255 mm
8 pages, 7 b/w illustrations

This rare publication presents Tishan Hsu's exhibition at the MIT List Visual Arts Center from May 7 to June 26, 1988.

What are we to make of Tishan Hsu’s mysteriously evocative objects, with their industrial scale, glowing color, high-tech material, cool pulse, and aerodynamic edge? To reflect the uneasy tension created by the encroachment of the machine into the human and natural terrain, Hsu embeds each painting with subtle organic traces—gentle landscape lines, biomorphic undulation, or fleshy forms—a projection of our yearning for the familiar comfort of another body or the calming effect of a horizon. Tishan Hsu investigates the interrelationships of our physical being, our landscape, and technology, the major transforming force of our era.
Dana Friis-Hansen



Tishan Hsu: Into The Machine, Dana Friis-Hansen
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