Torture Concrete: Jean-Luc Moulène and the Protocol of Abstraction

Reza Negarestani


“We’ve all heard of abstraction, but no one has ever seen one.”



Torture Concrete

Reza Negarestani

Negarestani sharply asserts abstraction's origins as the dialectic between form (mathematics) and sensible matter (physics) and its otherwise flat interpretation in art history, and presents us with the redemptive possibilities for its enrichment and diversification through the lens of artistic practice.  

From Decision to Heresy

François Laruelle

This volume provides a collection of the writings of François Laruelle, one of the most creative and subversive philosophers working today. The book opens with an introduction based upon an in-depth interview with the author and closes with several experimental texts, most of which have not previously appeared in English translation. 


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