More Heat Than Light

Sam Lewitt

Philosophy’s passivity is incompatible with heat dynamics. Theory is therefore water, draped around the Moon of Machine, exactly that distance between fire and absolute zero where anything might happen.

And does.

Torture Concrete

Reza Negarestani

Negarestani sharply asserts abstraction's origins as the dialectic between form (mathematics) and sensible matter (physics) and its otherwise flat interpretation in art history, and presents us with the redemptive possibilities for its enrichment and diversification through the lens of artistic practice.  


Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet

Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet resolutely eschewed a Hollywood style of spectacle filmmaking to create some of the most raw and beautiful, as well as innovative and profoundly moving films of our times. Their writings open up a further understanding of their essential contributions, and their unique place in film history.



Events & Postings:


No Appeasement: Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet
by Daniel Fairfax
Senses of Cinema, September 2016



To Live and Think Like Pigs!
by Hamish Win
White Fungus, Issue 14