Born In a Beam of Light

Born In a Beam of Light

Rochelle Goldberg


July 2020
The Power Station
Designed by Geoff Kaplan, General Working Group
Texts by Kari Rittenbach and Rochelle Goldberg  
Hardcover 8.25 in. x 10.75 in., 136 pp.
ISBN 978-0-9981776-6-3 


What happens to the symbols in the desert? Do they wither and disintegrate, eventually, into dust; or else harden and petrify into perfectly proportioned rock? ... Scant water and strong wind parse sediment assiduously, inflict ruin at a granular level, tirelessly inscribe the earth's surface anew. Yet nowhere are these effects now undisturbed by "culture": geopolitical strategy, infrastructure, extraction, waste.
In Dry Lakes, Kari Rittenbach

Born In a Beam of Light 
is a book produced in conjunction with the eponymous exhibition, organized by Rob Teeters at The Power Station, Dallas, January 19 – April 14, 2019. 

Rochelle Goldberg conceived the publication alongside the development of works exhibited at Éclair, Berlin, and The Chinati Foundation, Marfa, following her residency, in addition to The Power Station show. The book includes photo documentation by the artist as well as texts, including the script for a performance  featuring fellow artists and collaborators Marie Karlberg, Veit Laurent Kurz and Krista Peters. This collage of materials gathered over the course of years and spread across different locations is highlighted with two texts by writer and curator, Kari Rittenbach. 

With designer Geoff Kaplan, Goldberg has created a pendant to her first monograph, Cannibal Actif, further exploring this particular form with the use of rich earth colors and metallic inks. 



Exhibition Views
Exhibition Text
Pétroleuse Text
Prelude to Pétroleuse, Kari Rittenbach
Allegorical Kitty
In Dry Lakes, Kari Rittenbach
Born In a Beam of Light Performance
RIP the Prettiest Nicest Kitty Ever