Cannibal Actif edition

Cannibal Actif

Rochelle Goldberg



Arlin wrapped board, paper, photographs, shellac, and rubber band
11 x 8 in. (27.94 x 20.32 cm)
Signed and numbered verso
Edition of 13 

$200 - To order, contact 

Information and Images


Rochelle Goldberg’s first artist book, Cannibal Actif, is designed to test the limits of printing conventions. This edition expands those experimentations with ink and paper by incorporating other elements the artist employs in her sculptural works. 

Documentary photographs taken by the artist of her exhibition Intralocutors at Miguel Abreu Gallery, are set atop endpaper and slathered in shellac that spills off the edges and leaks onto the front cover, staining the pristine cream and taupe printed Arlin. Each removable cover, created as the first point of contact to absorb dirt and debris, is fastened with a thick rubber band typically used to bind ceramic molds for slip casting.