Cannibal Actif

Cannibal Actif

Rochelle Goldberg


Published by Sequence Press and Totem Press
May 2017
Designed by Geoff Kaplan and Rochelle Goldberg
Edited by Frances Perkins and Katherine Pickard 
Hardcover 8.25 in. x 10.75 in., 188 pp.
ISBN 978-0-9975674-2-7 

With texts by Rochelle Goldberg, Frances Perkins, and Leah Pires 

Special Edition of thirteen copies, with a unique work.

Rochelle Goldberg’s Cannibal Actif is a publication that challenges the formalities of the material and narrative elements of the artist book.

Thick pools of crude oil envelope bathers in Baku, and leak onto a floodline, or seep out as a glossy stream of text. Oil poured over gears and out of portals does not stop at the page's edge. These spills are free of constraint—the drainage collects elsewhere onto another page, as a new image: a face, a hand, a snake. The arc of Goldberg’s story follows the cannibal’s consumption and digestion, and the material limits of the design process were pushed to reflect this narrative track. Overlapping sequences of chroma centric blacks and rusty metallics bend our eye to reveal a kind of hardened message, only to be tempered by soft gradients of reds, greens and pinks, reflecting the thin membrane of a jellyfish, at once separating and joining two cavities—ingesting and secreting, in rhythm. Through consumption, the cannibal augments itself, but the reader must cross the swamp, or mirror, the pool of oil or crystalline water, to reach this enhanced state. A new life of texts and tones greets us on the other side of the mirror.

Contributions by Leah Pires, Frances Perkins and the artist crack open previous helpings of thoughts served as varnished murmurs, bold words now permitted to ooze across double-page spreads, a regurgitated feast before us to be consumed!



Cannibal Actif: A Gutter Emerges
Consuming Agents 
Hello Said Mirror 
The Mirror Has Another Side 
Cannibal Actif Continues: La Méduse
The Space Between Two Mirrors by Leah Pires 
Epilogue by Frances Perkins
Methodological Notes 
The Mirror Isn’t Finished